Strategy: Scalping

Daily: -0.06%
Monthly: -1.81%
Broker: IC Markets
Minimum Deposit: $200
Started: 06/06/2020 00:00


Updated: 02/20/2021 05:20









Profitability 58%

Featured Provedor

Day Trade

The system is designed to end trading within a day. You can check out the profit and loss within the day. The average statistics of holding an order is for 3 hours.

Has a clear take-profit/stop-loss point

Provedor system has SL/TP for every order, at least 200 stop-loss points.


Provedor systems principally focus on maintaining funds. We're not going to use the Matingale strategy and always have a stop loss. Trade at least 2% per order


A frequently asked questions

What you need to prepare for using our Copy Trade is as follows.

  • Open an account with IC Markets Broker. ( How to appply )
  • Have a minimum investment of $ 200.

It is not necessary to have traded before, but we recommend studying the basics first.

Our system works through the web, customers do not need to rent a server.

Trading statistics

If interested, you can inquire at LINE @fxpredator

Note: You must have an account with IC MARKETS broker first

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