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Copy Trading

We are a group of developers of automatic currency trading systems known as Expert Advisors or EAs.

You don’t need any trading knowledge to be able to use our system because more than 90% of novice traders will lose if they lack trading experience. We therefore developed this program as a tool to assist in trading.

You will need to open an account with IC Markets broker and make a minimum deposit of $200 (approximately 6,000 baht).

The system will work with cTrader which is the platform used for trading. We will install it on our server and the system will work 24 hours a day.

You can check out the operation of the system via your mobile or PC 24 hours a day.

Trading history is updated every day at

Customers can make their own deposits and withdrawals 24 hours a day.

The VenomEA system will trade scalping or short trades to collect profit and focus on closing the profit within the day. The system will trade in the early morning, depends on which currency pair signals will be available and trade 3-5 per day by using the Price Action strategy as a condition for entering trades and not using any indicators.

No, if customers deposit more money, the system will automatically update the trading lot.

Of course not, because the EA will have SL/TP for every order. There is a system to cut losses and no long-haul until reach a margin call. VenomEA will not use the strategies that broke the port like Martingale or double lot system or different types of order fixing system. You are able to know the profit and loss within the day with no overnight trading.

Of course, because we use a system that cuts losses which may be hit on some of the bear market sometimes. This is normal, but our system now has a win rate of more than 80% +, it has a chance of retrieving it as long as we have the remaining capital to trade.

It would say 100%, you can leave it to work but maybe we will have some control on some days. That means the team may have a manual shutdown in cases that are satisfied with the profit on that day. They may close by themselves before being hit by TP or SL (no customers’ action required).

If you encounter strong news during the opening of the market around 4-5 am, we recommend that you should close to avoid the news to prevent surges in the graph that occurs rarely. We will handle it for you (no customers’ action required).

Our system has separate funds used for Copy Trade, clients can trade manually at the same tim without affecting the system.

We will only give you an access to the Facebook Group when you finished applying as a customer and successfully installed the system.

Currently running 5 currency pairs: USDCAD, CADCHF, EURCAD, EURCHF, EURUSD

It depends on the system. For VenomEA, it will open an order in the early morning (If there is a signal) and will trade every Tuesday to Friday. On Monday, there is no trading because it prevents the occurrence of GAP during the market opening hours in order to reduce the possible risk.

Primarily, 1. EA owners runs and uses it by themselves with actual funds. 2. There is Myfxbook history to track the past and running works (Run a test for more than 3 years). This system is such a effective so we would like to introduce to the customers because we understand that manual trading that new to the market are still not profitable.

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